Maggie, a reluctant arson detective, is the driving force behind The Boys of Sabbath StreetBut fire investigation is not her area of expertise. She is the  assistant to Artemus Ackerman, a semi-retired magician who became the mayor of a small city to restore its integrity after years of corruption.

I believed that Artemus Ackerman had marvelous powers.   Maggie tells us.  I believed that he could enter heart and soul into any part that he was playing, and that if he wanted to play the part of a politician, he could put hope into the hearts and sparkle back into the tiara of his hometown.

Artemus assigns Maggie to consult with Fire Marshal George Copeland and find out why Sabbath Street suddenly seems to be burning down! With joy, irony, and humor, Maggie introduces us to her city, her fire marshal, her mayor, and her life.

Shelly Reuben Sept 2012The story itself deals with boys and magic, heroism, fire, good detective work, old love, young love, new love, rebirth, guilt, confession, friendship, and spring.

An irresistible combination!

Made all the more exciting by the beautiful book cover design by Brandon Alms.

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Praise for Shelly Reuben:

The characters…are so combustible that you keep expecting them to go up in flames.
New York Times Book Review

Reuben is the gold standard of arson procedurals…the Queen of Arson.
David Kinchen, HuntingtonNews.Net

An adroit storyteller with a gift for creating quirky and compelling characters.
The San Diego Union-Tribune